NK09 Herbal Time Colouring Henna Cream Chestnut 75ml
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NK09 Herbal Time Colouring Henna Cream Chestnut No.5 75ml



The new formula of natural coloring cream henna series "Herbal Time" does not contain ammonia and oxidant.

 Coloring henna cream "Herbal Time" is an innovative product based on natural ingredients with effect of coloring the hair, suitable for  self-dyeing hair

Features and advantages over the traditional oxidative hair dyes and henna powder:

- Ready and easy to use

- The standard time for use - 30-45 min.

- Formula with nettle extract, 100% olive oil, castor oil and extracts of henna (Cassia fistula and Cassia Italica)spares hair, improves its structure, making it vivid and brilliant, facilitates combing hair and improves its structure

- Does not contain PPD, resorcinol, and 1-naphthol contained in traditional hair dyes which are allergenic

- Does not contain ammonia, monoethanolamine or other alkalizing agents

- Does not contain hydrogen peroxide or other oxidizing agents, damaging the hair

- It has a normal pH (4-5), close to normal hair

- It allows you to paint immediately after use with oxidative hair dye

- Suitable for users with sensitive skin allergic to oxidants and hair dye.

- The product is suitable for men



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